Individual Tax Returns

The following is a list of the minimum information needed to start preparing your Individual Federal  and State Tax Return.

1. Your prior year Federal and State (if applicable) Tax Return (new clients only).

2. The name, date of birth, and social security number of every person that will be listed on the tax return (new clients only).

3. Provide us with the address that you want to appear on your tax return in case the Internal Revenue Service has to correspond with you.

4. Provide us wit the name and address (foreign and U.S. location if applicable )  of your last employer for the year that the tax return is being prepared.

5. Provide us with your current foreign address.

6. Provide us with a list of countries that you traveled to during the year as well as the date you arrived and the date you departed each country for the tax year that a tax return is being prepared

7. The name of the place (town, city, etc.) where you lived during the year.

8. A description of all compensation (wages, housing, transportation, etc.) and the corresponding amount in U.S. dollars that you received during the year.

9. The amount of foreign income tax paid during the year and the name of the country that the tax was paid to.

10. Describe any other tax paid during the year and the amount.

11. Provide us with all other sources of income (interest, dividends, capital gains/losses, rent, etc.) you received during the year.

12. Let us know whether at any point during the year the total balance of all bank accounts in your name (or your spouse’s name) was at least $10,000.00.

13. $375.00 payment.